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Texas Man Charged With Murder After Allegedly Shooting Woman Who Beat Him In B-Ball Game

A Dallas, Texas, man has been arrested after being accused of fatally shooting a 21-year-old woman after she beat him at a game of basketball.

31-year-old Cameron Hogg was arrested and charged with murder in connection with the fatal Oct. 3 shooting of Asia Womack, the Dallas Police Department announced. Responding officers discovered Womack on the sidewalk with “multiple gunshot wounds.”

The family says she was in a pickup game at the park playing against Hogg, and she won. The family also says there was some trash-talking.

Court documents stated Hogg would drive to another location and confronted Asia after the basketball game. That’s when he allegedly shot her four times, killing her.

What makes this worse is that he was a friend of the family.

“He’d pull up to my house, pick her up. They’d ride together, eat food together, take his phone calls, give him money in jail, and you turn around and kill her?” Andrea said. “When I got that call, I was full of joy this morning. Hadn’t had joy in a while. But with him being captured, I am full of joy today.”

Hogg was arraigned early Friday on charges of murder, fleeing police officer, and driving while intoxicated with his bond set to $1.75 million, court records show. A search of his records show he had seven others cases ranging from aggravated robbery in 2009 to deadly conduct in 2021.

Andrea says it’s still hard coping with the fact her daughter is no longer with her.

“Won’t have the love. She is not here anymore. He took our joy,” she said.

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