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SMU’s Horse Mascot Poops On Field, Delays Game vs. Navy For 10 Minutes While Workers Clean It Up (VIDEO)

Last night’s game between the SMU Mustangs and the Navy Midshipmen experienced a delay in the action… And it wasn’t for an injury or some sort of clock malfunction or booth review…

Rather, the game was delayed so that stadium workers could clean up the poop on the field after SMU’s horse mascot dropped a deuce at midfield during a stoppage in play.

Footage shows the horse leaving his droppings behind as he sprints across the field. Moments later, stadium staff were seen scooping the feces up with a couple of cups.

This reportedly caused a ten minute delay in the action.

It’s a good thing they noticed the poop — else it would have been a very unpleasant surprise for the first player who was tackled onto it.

SMU would go on to win the game at home by a score of 40-34.

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