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Rugby Player Suspended 8 Games For Sticking His Hand Between The ‘Buttocks’ Of An Opposing Player (VIDEO)

This just might be the most embarrassing reason to be suspended in sports.

Corey Norman, who plays for Toulouse Olympique,

has been given an eight-game suspension and fined after he stuck his hand where it didn’t belong in the middle of a match against the Warrington Wolves on Aug. 11th.

The Rugby Football League announced in a statement Norman has been suspended for eight games and fined about $600 after it found “he had intentionally placed a hand between the buttocks of an opposing player.”

“The footage of the incident shows a deliberate movement of Corey Norman’s left arm and hand over the top of Oliver Holmes and on to his buttocks,” officials said in a statement announcing the punishment.

“At no point does the footage show a grabbing of the shorts to push Oliver Holmes down as described by Corey Norman. The footage shows a deliberate placing of Corey Norman’s hands and fingers on the buttocks and coupled with the immediate complaint from Holmes, the reaction of his team-mate Danny Walker and the statement of Holmes to which we have measured regard we are entirely satisfied that this was an intentional placing of a hand between the buttocks of the opposing player and we find the charge proved.”

The 31-year-old Norman, who spent 11 years playing in Australia’s National Rugby League before joining Toulouse in April, pled not guilty to the offense.

Norman initially announced his retirement from rugby league at the end of last year before returning to the sport with Toulouse on a contract running until the end of the current season.

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