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Nick Saban Criticized For Being Annoyed With Postgame Interview With Jenny Dell (VIDEO)

Nick Saban does not like reporters.

Saban is known for being short with media members, whether they deserve it or not, and he showed off his fiery attitude after Alabama’s big win Saturday at Arkansas. However, he’s facing some criticism for this incident in particular.

During the game against Arkansas, star quarterback Bryce Young left the game with a shoulder injury and didn’t return. Bama still rallied to win the bout 49–26. Then after the game, CBS reporter Jenny Dell asked Saban, “Your Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young goes down and the rest of the team steps up, what’d you learn about the resilience of this squad tonight?”

It seems Saban didn’t hear her, because he appeared to be annoyed with Dell for not asking about the team despite her question being exactly that.

“You know, what I’d like to talk about his our team,” Saban said. “Our team just won a game on the road—wasn’t pretty all the time, but they made plays when they had to make ’em. We love Bryce. Bryce has got the sprained shoulder. You know, hopefully, we’ll get some diagnosis and see how he goes. But what about the game? What about the team? What about the players that played the game?”

Saban likely heard Bryce Young and just turned his ears off afterward.

Credit Dell for handling Saturday’s awkward exchange with professionalism.

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