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New Angle Shows Just How Unintentional Arizona’s Bennedict Mathurin Touching TCU Cheerleader’s Chest Truly Was (VIDEO)

Arizona Wildcats hoops star Bennedict Mathurin has been the subject of some major controversy after he appeared to accidentally touch the chest of a TCU cheerleader.

Mathurin has tried to apologize to a TCU dance team member after a video showed him potentially making contact with her breast after their NCAA tournament game last week, he said on Wednesday. Video from after Arizona’s win against TCU, which sent the Wildcats into the Sweet 16, showed Mathurin’s left hand at least come close to making contact with a TCU dance team member’s chest.

However, a new angle seems to show him playing to the crowd as he bows, extends his arms, and casually walks to the locker room. He appeared to not even notice the cheerleader he allegedly touched.

The dance team member doesn’t appear to react in the moment. The 19-year-old said he is actively trying to reach out to the student to personally apologize.

“I actually sent an email trying to reach out to the cheerleader,” Mathurin said.

“Through the TCU athletic department, I reached out to her and that is it.”

Arizona athletic director Dave Heeke said in a statement on Wednesday that Mathurin said he didn’t remember making any contact with the TCU student.

“Shortly after returning to Tucson, I was notified that people on social media were claiming a video clip showed Bennedict Mathurin may have made physical contact with a TCU student while walking off the court. I have reached out to TCU’s athletics department and I spoke with Bennedict,” Heeke said, via The Associated Press.

“While he does not recall any contact, he has attempted to reach out to the TCU student through their athletic department to apologize.”

The 1-seed Wildcats and Mathurin will face the 5-seed Houston Cougars on Thursday in Sweet 16.

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