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Kentucky O-Lineman Hilariously Flops 5-Seconds After Taking Punch To The Face (VIDEO)

Kentucky offensive lineman Tashawn Manning wanted to get his team some extra yards… Even if it meant embarrassing himself on national television.

Late in the fourth quarter of the Wildcats’ SEC battle with Mississippi State, Manning took a punch to the face from Bulldogs defensive back Collin Duncan. It was no tap on the facemask, that’s for sure. But it also wasn’t enough to knock Manning down — although he figured he’d take the fall anyways, in hopes of drawing the flag.

The only problem was that Manning took a few seconds to decide he wanted to go down, making this one of the worst acting jobs you’ll ever see.

Despite the poor acting performance, Duncan was still able to draw a 15-yard personal foul penalty. So I guess it was all worth it, as his Wildcats were able to continue their drive with a 27-17 lead—which they would hold onto for the victory.

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