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Hockey Player Banned For Life After Brutally Punching Ref In The Face (VIDEO)

An absolutely disturbing moment happened during a junior hockey game when a player flew into a rage and sucker punched an official in the face. Now that player is facing major consequences.

It all went down in the United States Premier Hockey League — a developmental league for amateurs — when a member of the South Shore Kings let his frustration get the best of him.

You can see in the clip below that the official appears ticked off by something the player did and motions to send him to the penalty box. Thge player reponds by punching the ref in the face.

The league swiftly announced that the player has been banned for life.

“The action taken today by a USPHL player is completely unacceptable in the USPHL. The USPHL has zero tolerance for any player striking any official, at any time.”

Being baned is the least of that guy’s worries as ther incident is also being investigated by local authorities.

“The incident is currently being investigated by local authorities and as such the USPHL will have no further comments at this time.”

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