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Deion Sanders Responds To Being Shoved By Alabama State HC During Post-Game Handshake

At Alabama State, Jackson State had a hard-fought 26-12 win on the road. Not everybody was happy about it.

Hornets head coach Eddie Robinson Jr. wasn’t too pleased to exchange hugs with Tigers head coach Deion Sanders after the game.

As Sanders approached Robinson Jr., they shook hands, but as Coach Prime went in for a bro hug, the coach pushed him away and snatched his arm from Sanders.

Sanders was stunned as he looked around before he eventually threw his hands up and walked away.

Robinson felt Sanders was disrespectful in the media leading up to the game and pregame on the field during pregame, according to what he stated after the game.

Here’s what Sanders had to say:

“My exact words was, ‘Hey man, you had them ready to play. Good game,’” Sanders said. “Shook hands and tried to embrace and he pushed off. That was it.”

“It could be a plethora of things,” Sanders added. “I think he thought he was going to get a win. I don’t know why he would’ve ever thought that. … Secondly he said that I didn’t come to greet him in the center of the field. I don’t know if you understand but we got here very late. So that expedited our whole process of preparation. So then we were in like, ‘let’s go get it (mode).”

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